19. Mount Fuji from Shichirigahama

"Fuji through pine trees, through shadow, clouds rising beside him . . . It is getting on into the evening of things . . . when I see the first star, I join the shadows and fade like the day."

- from 24 Views

I whispered my great sorrow
To every listening sedge;
And they bent, bowed with my sorrow,
Down to the water's edge.

But she stands and laughs lightly
To see me sorrow so,
Like the light winds that laughing
Across the water go.

If I could tell the bright ones
That quiet-hearted move,
They would bend down like the sedges
With the sorrow of love.

But she stands laughing lightly,
Who all my sorrow knows,
Like the little wind that laughing
Across the water blows.

- The Sedges, by Seumas O'Sullivan